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This website is still in “emerging” stages. I’ve been blogging since 2006 when I entered occupational therapy (OT) school. It started out as “OT Students Belong” (student days) then “Days of Our OT Lives” (beginning practitioner) and finally, here you are with “Miss Awesomeness” (school-based OT and then starting of own company and now working on a clinical doctorate!) I’m slowly working on turning it into a website versus blog, but it will take a snail-worthy long time. Look back at 2006-2009 archives for MOT program blog! Also, I’ve been blogging less lately, but hope to get back into it. I often post on Facebook and it shows up in sidebar. CLICK HERE FOR BLOG or click on its tab above!

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11 Jul 2015

Impress your Occupational Therapy Professors…

I’m writing an article for AOTA’s OT Student Pulse on the “Top Ten Ways to Impress Your Occupational Therapy Professors,” loosely based on this post that I wrote eight! years ago. I asked my OT Facebook friends, especially the OT instructors, to contribute their own thoughts. Since I can’t incorporate them all into the upcoming article, […]

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28 May 2015

When intervention fails: navigating the aftermath

Failing the Consumer (Link to PDF of my paper thoroughly reviewing this article) Have you ever felt you failed a consumer/client/patient? Have you ever felt the consumer blamed you for the failure? I recently read an article by Zaynes, Otnes, and Fischer (2014) called “The nature and implications of consumers’ experiential framings of failure in high-risk […]

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14 May 2015

Trauma, Trains, & PTSD

“I don’t think there are going to be many lasting, significant effects for these folks, because most of it was just broken bones.” Said Temple University Hospital’s chief medical officer, Dr. Cushing, in this recent CNN article on the Amtrak train crash in Philadelphia, regarding the hundreds treated in local hospitals. While I realize Dr. Cushing was […]

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9 Apr 2015

It’s OT Month! Celebrating the possibilities

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn Don’t you think that’s a great quote for OT? I’m not saying someone with a cervical spinal cord injury should be walking, just that there are always possibilities, some of which we don’t even even know we don’t know. Occupational therapists are often […]

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9 Apr 2015

“Confined degree diversity with incredible professional diversity” within OT?

Many people get degrees (history, art, religion, technology) then have NO idea what to do after graduation…it doesn’t necessarily feed into any one profession. They have so many possibilities, but first they have to figure out what to do next. In occupational therapy school, you know you will become an occupational therapist afterwards. It’s a […]

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4 Apr 2015

Prediction of occupational performance in varying activities of daily life (ADLs)

I created this scenario to explain how, for example, assessing “Mary’s" ability to get ready in the morning (her “occupational performance”) can tell me a lot about her likely performance in making a simple meal. Mary is a 75-year-old woman who wants to be able to independently make a simple meal, while using hip precautions, […]

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25 Mar 2015

Mental Health Energy Conservation

I struggle with depression and anxiety on a all-too-regular basis. I practice mental health energy conservation on a daily basis. Throughout each day, I’m constantly doing an internal MRI-like scan of my body, figuring out how I am doing and what I can handle. I’m constantly self-talking to myself for reassurance (“okay Karen, you’ve checked […]

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9 Mar 2015

The Amazing Breadth of Occupational Therapy!

As occupational therapists, we are so lucky to have training that allows us to to help any person of any age and with any issue, by addressing the factors that are hindering their ability to participate as fully as possible in their own life! OTs learn to analyze the spectrum of possibility and then help […]

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7 Mar 2015

Let’s hope this man isn’t an OT

I cracked up at the screen shot below. It was a thread about methods to get up in the morning. Redditors are notoriously snarky. I loved the bolded box below. The man’s suggestion was to "place your alarm over a pit of lava filled with lava dwelling snakes who like to jump to get […]

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17 Feb 2015

Health literacy and educational hand-outs

Educational handouts to clients should rarely be above an 8th grade level, and often more like 4th grade. Here is a "before" and "after" of a handout that some of my classmates and I modified in our Education in OT course! Four of us modified it in a small group assignment. We all just got […]

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