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This website is still in “emerging” stages of construction so here, have a hard hat just in case: C| Many of you know me through my blog, which was started in 2006 at the beginning of graduate school in OT. It started out as “OT Students Belong” then “Days of Our OT Lives” and finally, here you are with “Miss Awesomeness”. It chronicles the journey through OT school, fieldwork, and becoming a practitioner. Since it’s now 2014, in “blog” years that makes it 56 years old! Notice the tabs at the top – the blog is still a living creature, although now I’m also in the process of expansion of OT resources/options. It’s exciting and also a lot of time/work, so patience is appreciated. Please explore and check back regularly, although keep wearing that awkward hard hat for now. Enjoy!

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14 Apr 2014

The benefits of styrofoam

Even as a little girl we knew that styrofoam, while evil in many ways, was a great toy. Still love using left over styrofoam with my occupational therapy kids. Details to come when not on iPhone!! Me on left my twin Kristina on right. Early 1980s

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13 Apr 2014

Frustration with occupational therapy as a profession right this second!

Grrrr Working on getting my business license with the city, and professional liability insurance, etc, as I become self-employed through my (in process) company Miss Awesomeness! For professional liability insurance through HPSO, it asked if I was part of a professional association. I said yes. It gave me a drop-down list only. Guess what, everything […]

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3 Apr 2014

Empowering the bystander to prevent cruelty and violence in bullying

Dr. Wexler is amazing and I quoted the below paragraph from the article (linked at bottom), because I had never really thought before about the role of the bystander in bullying. Since its inception, the Safe School Student Ambassador Program has decreased incidents of violence and referrals by 76%. Dr. Wexler explains “although much focus […]

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3 Apr 2014

Amen to this one

I feel like the author of this one has a school aged child!!! So inappropriate what schools have 4 year olds doing these days.

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2 Apr 2014

April 2nd – Apps Free For the Day

I vote that you definitely download Toca Band!! These apps normally cost money but today are free. Functional Communication System – Functional Planning System – Discovering Emotions with Zeely – Educational Tool for Learning Emotions - EZCOMMA – PICTURE CARD – Can you do it? – Sorthings for Autism – […]

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30 Mar 2014

Make/Print Your Own Grid and/or Graph Paper: Beneficial for OTs

Griddzly and Incompetech’s Graph paper are both great EASY and free sites that let you either customize or choose graph paper to print. Many of us OTs have clients that need bigger or smaller sizes, or different shapes, or different spacing, etc. Or we have games we want to play or exercises we want to […]

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25 Mar 2014

How time flies during a move

Wow, it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve last posted. I shake my finger at myself with shame. I’m wrapping up my former job as a school-based therapist (now I will be an independent contractor), although I’m still doing some hours there. My replacement is fabulous and I’ve learned some great activities from her. I’m […]

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11 Mar 2014

How to Find the Best OT Job – Infographic An infographic about how to find the best OT job…I have a tiny quote in it, yay. Seriously, the global network of OTs is one of the best ways to find a mentor…one of my first mentors was in New Zealand, Merrolee Penman! There is also an article that goes along with it, for […]

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10 Mar 2014

Jumping into new OT role!

I can finally share my "secret"…I had to wait until my fish were in a row… I’m transitioning out of my position as an elementary school-based occupational therapist. I’m actually only about a week away from being finished. I’m going into independent consulting and also hoping to build up the virtual resources/consultations. A big piece […]

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1 Mar 2014

Volunteer “Cuddler” in the NICU (neonatal ICU)

I was a baby “cuddler” over a year in Memphis at a large hospital, and when I moved to CA I had to spend two years on the cuddler waiting list at a large hospital. Now I’ve been a cuddler here 1.5 years and I love it, especially with my occupational therapy knowledge that helps […]

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