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This website is still in “emerging” stages. I’ve been blogging since 2006 when I entered occupational therapy (OT) school. It started out as “OT Students Belong” (student days) then “Days of Our OT Lives” (beginning practitioner) and finally, here you are with “Miss Awesomeness” (school-based OT and then starting of own company and now working on a clinical doctorate!) I’m slowly working on turning it into a website versus blog, but it will take a snail-worthy long time. Look back at 2006-2009 archives for MOT program blog! Also, I’ve been blogging less lately, but hope to get back into it. I often post on Facebook and it shows up in sidebar. CLICK HERE FOR BLOG or click on its tab above!

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27 Jan 2015

The Life Lemonade Resume: An Occupational (Profile) Hazard?

What makes up your occupational identity? What makes you, you? We all have our unique stories, our life of accumulated events that define us. Sometimes it’s hard to look on the bright side when life hands us lemons, especially when Life happens to shop at Costco. I’ve kept a "life resume" for years, and many […]

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27 Jan 2015

They…still…call me Miss OTPF

  The newly updated Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and process, 3rd edition, is an important document provided by the American Occupational Therapy Association, and all therapists and students should be intimately familiar with it. Figuratively. Only figuratively. I have slept with it though. Literally, in OT school, I fell asleep with the first edition […]

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17 Jan 2015

Weighted Hedgehog: OT Sensory Tool

This weighted hedgehog is so simple to make. A sensory tool you can make extremely quickly and for less than $10. Materials: 1. Car-wash-mitten (often found in CVS $1-4 section or dollar store). 2. ¬†Eyeballs (If the sleeve isn’t black, you can Sharpie them). 3. Beans/rice/whatever weighted item you want, double-zipped in high-quality zip-lock. How […]

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17 Jan 2015

OT Invention Munchy Balls: Fine Motor/Sensory Motor Play

Occupational Therapist Tonya of invented this awesome toy. You can check it out here and buy it in her online store.She has quite a few posts with ideas on how to use it, including messy sensory play and kinetic sand. I also included a few pictures of it being naughty. I’ve played with it […]

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16 Jan 2015

OT Lifehack: No more hook marks on your softer clothes

I dislike how softer fabrics get pinched marks in their clothes if left on a hook. I drape my sweaters over instead, but it takes up a lot of space. I realized that my little pediatric “tennis ball head” for kids, with the slit in it for a mouth, could help me out! Check out […]

11 Jan 2015

Hyperchange Curriculum for Occupational Therapy Students

In an Utopian OT world, there would be a weekly 3-hour course that spanned the duration of an occupational therapy student’s career in their master or doctorate OT program. It would primarily consist of guest speakers from other disciplines or expert OTs. Many would require real-world assignments.¬†The curriculum would be extraordinarily interdisciplinary, cutting edge, relevant, […]

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7 Jan 2015

Playful Pediatric Car Activities Using Road Clothes!

Found this silly picture with the dad wearing a road t-shirt and getting a “car massage” by his children. If you made a child some road pajamas (long-sleeved white shirt and pants and then drawn on with fabric Sharpies or the equivalent), you could do some great occupational therapy work. Because this does involve “on-body” […]

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25 Dec 2014

“I never worry about what they can’t do…I worry about what they can do.”

"They can’t move, they can’t be independent. They can’t live their lives," said Norton, 55. "I’m building them up, building them stronger, so they can go out and live life like they’re supposed to." "I never worry about what they can’t do," said Norton. "I worry about what they can do, and make them as […]

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19 Dec 2014

Magnetic Dry Erase Slant Boards I really like their magnetic dry erase slant boards for children/adults who benefit from the slant, often due to visual or physical issues – the boards are thin and easy and awesome. I used it all the time, and am buying a new one as I had to give up my former one! They […]

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3 Dec 2014

Developmentally enriching guide for toys and gifts, recommended by occupational therapists

The following occupational therapists (OT) have posted gift and toy guides that can help you navigate the overwhelming holiday decisions. These are all gifts that are developmentally appropriate and enriching while still being fun. Since OTs are writing them, many of the toys can be geared at children with special needs or varying levels of […]

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