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This website is still in “emerging” stages. I’ve been blogging since 2006 when I entered occupational therapy (OT) school. It started out as “OT Students Belong” (student days) then “Days of Our OT Lives” (beginning practitioner) and finally, here you are with “Miss Awesomeness” (school-based OT and then starting of own company and now working on a clinical doctorate!) I’m slowly working on turning it into a website versus blog, but it will take a snail-worthy long time. Look back at 2006-2009 archives for MOT program blog! Also, I’ve been blogging less lately, but hope to get back into it. I often post on Facebook and it shows up in sidebar. CLICK HERE FOR BLOG or click on its tab above!

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19 Dec 2014

Magnetic Dry Erase Slant Boards I really like their magnetic dry erase slant boards for children/adults who benefit from the slant, often due to visual or physical issues – the boards are thin and easy and awesome. I used it all the time, and am buying a new one as I had to give up my former one! They […]

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3 Dec 2014

Developmentally enriching guide for toys and gifts, recommended by occupational therapists

The following occupational therapists (OT) have posted gift and toy guides that can help you navigate the overwhelming holiday decisions. These are all gifts that are developmentally appropriate and enriching while still being fun. Since OTs are writing them, many of the toys can be geared at children with special needs or varying levels of […]

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3 Dec 2014

For prospective occupational therapy (OT) or current OT students

For prospective occupational therapy (OT) or current OT students: Sarah wrote this blog post on her OT Potential site about OT school thoughts, for those of you prospective students with questions about OT grad school programs – “Honest Thoughts on OT School and 5 Pieces of Advice for Prospective Students” Lauren is a current […]

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1 Dec 2014

Importance of Incorporating Function: The four pound bag of sugar versus gym weight

Short version: We learn a lot by watching a person engage in an “occupation” (a meaningful activity, which can be an activity of daily life such as making tea). And just because a person can do a simple task such as lift a 4 pound weight, doesn’t mean they can lift a 4 pound bag […]

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21 Nov 2014

Great adaptive doorstop

If you use a typical doorstop it requires bending over or kicking to maneuver it. If you use the equivalent of a stable fire poker as your doorstop, you can easily move it safely (ie for people prone to falls). This one is a little short and I’m not sure its true use. But it […]

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21 Nov 2014

Handmade creative clay pencil grips

A friend made these with her daughter. They took ink part out of pen then rolled it into clay and baked. To them it was just a cute gift but to me it was like hmmm easier for people to hold.

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18 Nov 2014

Occupational Therapists and Kintsukuroi: Repairing with Gold.

I can’t remember if I have shared this before on the blog or not, but I absolutely love this, so I am saying it again, haha. As occupational therapists, we often work with those who have been, or at least feel, broken. Sometimes I think applying the lacquer might be the most important part of […]

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13 Nov 2014

Quick Tip: Set up “Undo Send” function on Web Gmail

Do you use Web Gmail? Do you sometimes send an e-mail and instantly realize there was a mistake? Do you wish you could undo it? There’s a way! PATH: *Web browser* gmail > Gear Icon > Settings > Labs > Undo Send > Enable > Save Changes. More details at bottom if you need more […]

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10 Nov 2014
Birthing a bill

Birthing babies and bills into law: the similar process of fruition

I’m currently writing a short paper on how legislative bills become laws at a state and federal level, as well as how us occupational therapists can advocate/lobby for our profession in the political arena. We’ve been learning how to navigate these processes in our advocacy course in my first semester of my post-professional doctoral program […]

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9 Nov 2014

Holidays are approaching. Toys for children with special needs? This link is How to Pick a Toy: Checklist for Toy Shopping This free resource is provided by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), and it is an awesome way to decide if toys are developmentally appropriate/helpful to the growth of a child. It doesn’t mean not fun, it just means having an eye […]

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