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This website is still in “emerging” stages. I’ve been blogging since 2006 when I entered occupational therapy (OT) school. It started out as “OT Students Belong” (student days) then “Days of Our OT Lives” (beginning practitioner) and finally, here you are with “Miss Awesomeness” (school-based OT and then starting of own company and now working on a clinical doctorate!) I’m slowly working on turning it into a website versus blog, but it will take a snail-worthy long time. Look back at 2006-2009 archives for MOT program blog! Also, I’ve been blogging less lately, but hope to get back into it. I often post on Facebook and it shows up in sidebar. CLICK HERE FOR BLOG or click on its tab above!

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20 Oct 2014

I survived two major OT stressors in a row! Yay

1. I survived four long days in Utah (left day before/day after so really 6 days)! I met all the people in my post-professional doctoral OT program (OTD) and everyone was incredibly nice. Like sickeningly nice. Like amazingly nice. Only a few of us (38 people I think?) had less than five years of experience. […]

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15 Oct 2014

APA Formatting in Word

APA Format Hanging Indent for References This is a 45 second screencast I made that just quickly shows how to do a proper hanging indent (for APA style references in Word document) in Microsoft Word 2011 for Macs. Don’t forget you can also search the Help toolbar in Word, Google (which brings up the tutorials […]

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7 Oct 2014

The in-person component of the OTD program!

There are many post-professional occupational therapy doctorate programs (versus entry level), and I think the vast majority of them are online. However, some have an in-person component at least once a semester. I chose one that did, because I hear that it is really helpful to meet your cohort and professors. It helps you learn […]

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30 Sep 2014

Where’s Waldo? But for Science – How Online Volunteer Programs can be used in Occupational Therapy This article had some great implications for occupation-based therapies. Possible assignment for fieldwork students at bottom! ARTICLE: Where’s Waldo…but for science” by John Sutter. The article explains how an innovative program in Africa is being used to prevent poaching of rhinos and other wildlife, using a Where’s Waldo? approach. A drone takes pictures of […]

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29 Sep 2014

Hair straightener/flat iron as iron?

My friend Elle told me she uses her flat iron to deal with wrinkly sleeves/collars. A lot of people (mostly younger) don’t even have irons anymore. Granted I can’t do my entire curtains this way, but the edges were particularly wrinkled! Use at your own risk and be safe. Don’t burn your house down. It […]

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21 Sep 2014

The importance of sensory play

I brought an apron with me to a client’s house because I knew we would be playing with whipped cream! I chose the whipped cream over shaving cream so that some tasting could take place. I bought the can of cream before the session and we used up the entire thing. We put plastic finger […]

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19 Sep 2014

Started the journey of getting a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy (OTD)!

I started my post-professional clinical doctorate program on September 2nd. It is an OTD (Occupational Therapy Doctorate) through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions based in Provo, Utah. It can be confusing to understand how doctorates work. Essentially clinical doctorates are used in actual practice. Doctors of psychology, optometry, dentistry, physical therapy, etc, are NOT […]

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19 Sep 2014

Imaginative play is cognitively enhancing

I saw this status on my Facebook feed and it made my day. It was written by one of the 3rd grade teachers at a school I previously worked. She had overheard her daughter, a vibrant and enthusiastic elementary schooler, exclaim, “Yay! A free box!” I LOVED THIS. We have so many children now who […]

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17 Sep 2014

A Stroke of Insight/Choreographer of Life

I recently listened to Jill’s TED talk on her “Stroke of Insight”. The book was intriguing. The part I remember most was how she felt sleep was the most reparative therapy of all, as I agree with that. I had an ethically hard time with waking up patients for therapy as I often felt they […]

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15 Sep 2014

Kid version of ACLS ;)

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