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This website is still in “emerging” stages. I’ve been blogging since 2006 when I entered occupational therapy (OT) school. It started out as “OT Students Belong” (student days) then “Days of Our OT Lives” (beginning practitioner) and finally, here you are with “Miss Awesomeness” (school-based OT and then starting of own company), 8 years later, or 56 in blog years! I’ve recently worked to turn it from just a blog into a website, notice the tabs at the top. However, it’s a slow process, so please be patient and check back regularly. Maybe wear a hard hat.

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21 Aug 2014

Long time no see, blog

My hope is that within the next few days I can devote some much needed TLC to this blog and hopefully eventually the rest of the website as well. I’ve been living in paperwork land so it’s been somewhat neglected lately. It’s been around roughly 8!!!! years now, and if you look at the archives, […]

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11 Aug 2014

9 Jul 2014

Starting your own business as an entrepreneurial occupational therapist

These are the steps I had to take to start my business in San Diego County in the state of CA, so they may be different for yours. This was for me being independent though, no employees, no office location, and private pay only. I also want to note that I am NOT saying this […]

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19 Jun 2014

Beautiful article about a child with cancer and the support she receives

Thanks AOTA for posting this article in the NY Daily News on Facebook. Re-posting.

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18 Jun 2014

**Top 12 Things You Should Know For Your Fieldwork**

A list of things to help occupational therapy students prepare or get through their fieldworks/internships in preparation for becoming an independent practitioner. 1. BE PROACTIVE AND REACTIVE. If you have a patient with fragile X syndrome tomorrow, research it in advance. If you see a patient with fragile X syndrome and realize you would benefit […]

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12 Jun 2014

The Inspired Treehouse – OT/PT blog and misc

I saw that AOTA (the American Occupational Therapy Association) posted a link to one of the blog entries done by the Inspired Treehouse, I checked it out and I loved it. It’s done by several OTs and a PT. Great quick tips. Go see and revel in their awesomeness. In other super obvious news, […]

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7 Jun 2014

Monster Cheese – Most Popular OT Toy I’ve found :)

*Transcript at bottom. “Monster cheese” is my number one most consistently popular item, hands-down, among kids under the age of 10 or so. This has been true for over three years, since I discovered it. Even my OT kids with poor memories who run into me six months later (after discharge for example) will ask […]

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31 May 2014

30 May 2014

Sharpies are your efficient best friend

Put amount on gift card. Cross out and our new balance as needed. I also always forget what is the less drowsy vs drowsy formula of Dramamine when it’s hanging out naked. I sharpie up anything that I otherwise have to keep reminding myself of. Efficiency. Yay.

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28 May 2014

Why is your name “Miss Awesomeness?”

Obviously because I’m awesome. The End. No just kidding. This is the story of the evolution from normal me Karen, to having a character called “Miss Awesomeness”. I am revamping my “About Me” page (a tab at the top of main website of and I didn’t want to fill it up with this one […]

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